Hannah Mann Pro HeadshotWho the heck are you?

Well hello there. My name’s Hannah Mann, and I’m a professional writer and editor based smack-dab between Dallas and Fort Worth. I’ve worked in lots of different writing arenas: social media management, email marketing, website content, grant writing, and article/blog writing, to name a few.

OK, so why should I hire you?
Well, with businesses and content exploding laterally across the globe, it’s not enough to pump yourself up as the best. Best at what? For whom? Where? Those are the questions I seek to answer first so I can tailor your content to the right audience, using research and facts.

First thing I do is figure out what your audience needs. Not just want, need. Then I find a clear, concise way to communicate that to them. See, turns out I love digging out information and sharing what I learn with everyone, and I happen to be pretty danged good at it.

While I’ve got my niche subjects, I’m always open to learning new things. Hence, I’ll do all kinds of research down the rabbit hole in order to better serve my clients, and I’ll have fun doing it.

So now what?
Here’s what will happen. Once you contact me, I’ll respond (typically within 2 business days). We’ll talk a bit about what your project entails, then if we decide that I’m a good fit, I’ll work up a written agreement that outlines deliverables, deadlines, pay rate, and pay schedule. Once the work is done to your satisfaction, I’ll send an invoice for payment. Easy!

OK, what else you got?
Here’s my beautiful LinkedIn profile. I promise zero judgment for LinkedIn-stalking me, so view all you want (I do it to everyone else too).

I also run a blog on Cued Speech, cochlear implants, and other deaf/hard-of-hearing topics, called A Croaking Dalek with Larygnitis, because, well, I’m deaf, I use Cued Speech, and I have a cochlear implant. So there. Two highlight posts that hit 1,000+ and 500+ views in the same day, along with a crapload of shares: Letter to a Hearing Parent, and Why are Cochlear Implants Bad? A Primer.

Pst. I do art too. Check out the pretty things at www.hannahmannart.com or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.